Pronunciation:  CYPRIANA {SEE pre AH na}  CYPRIANA Fashion designs Ready-to-Wear (RTW) casual/contemporary apparel for women manufactured using quality Cotton and Chambray Textiles manufactured in the US. 

We create ready to wear fashion for modern women that struggle to find trendy pieces that bridge the gap between young adult and womanhood. Our apparel benefits women who are looking to fill their wardrobe with a few “break away from trend” pieces to remain Individual in their Freedom of Expression. Some of our items benefit modern mothers, such as our ankle jogger bottoms and one-piece ankle jumpers that feature a high waist which alleviates midsection flaws and flatters shape. Another feature of our pants is the stretch ankle cuff that allows you to wear pants full length or to cuff along knee on warmer days. 

We offer:

  • Women’s Tops

  • Women’s Bottoms

  • Women’s Casual/Contemporary Dress

  • Women’s Jackets/Blazers ~ COMING SOON!

  • Women’s Skirts ~ COMING SOON!

  • Women’s Shorts ~ COMING SOON!


The CYPRIANA customer is a modern woman and or mother whose tastes have matured from trendy stores like Forever 21 and H&M, although she isn't quite ready to shop at Ann Taylor. She is always looking to try new brands from emerging designers and she's willing to pay for quality production. The CYPRIANA customer is trendy but also has her own style and loves contemporary/casual fashion.  She likes to mix up her outfits so she prefers Ready to Wear (RTW) separates; which allows her to wear the same outfit for grocery shopping and can enjoy night on the town. She’d rather wash her clothes at home instead of running to pay for dry cleaning so she prefers to purchase textiles that are made with natural fibers. She cares about how she presents herself, enjoys fashion, looks for quality over quantity and supports the arts and is social media savvy.


                        Her motto is "Be Unconventional!  "Be Heard!"


The fabric is 100% chambray cotton with no stretch.  We recommend washing on cold cycle to preserve the shape and colors. Ironing may be necessary - on low to medium heat. Tumble dry low.